What Does It Mean to Get Saved?

The term “Get Saved” is a common phrase. It means a number of very positive things.




1. Perhaps the most common meaning is to live-on after physical death in a much better state of mind, in a much better place, and with a much clearer understanding and appreciation of our loving God. The better place is often called “Heaven” and is also known by other names such as “Paradise”, or “God’s Kingdom”.

Heaven is widely thought of as a place of inexpressible beauty, peace, love, purpose, and meaning. It reflects the glory of God. His loving presence fills heaven in a way that is very tangible and enjoyable, or so I am told by Scripture, which by the way, I have found to be reliable in hundreds of other respects, so why not this.

2. Getting saved also means being set free in this life from many of the burdens that we humans experience. God can set us free from guilt, shame, loneliness, and hopelessness, to name just a few. He saves us from ourselves and many of the unwise choices we would make without Him. He saves us from behaviors that hurt us and that bring negativity into our lives.

3. Not only does Jesus save us FROM many unwanted circumstances, but He saves us TO a better life with Him in the picture during this lifetime. We experience many blessings after He saves us. Maybe not all at once, but just wait. You will see when you get to know Jesus a little better that new clarity is blooming about a lot of things.

4. Getting saved means being adopted by God spiritually as a son or daughter. He is generous and loving to His children. As we give Him that place of loving Father in our lives, it is amazing what good it produces in our hearts, and experiences.

5. Getting saved means being infused with life of a godly nature that grows within you and makes you a better person progressively through your stay here on earth.

6. Getting saved is starting a new relationship with Jesus.

7. Receiving salvation means you receive forgiveness for sins.

8. Being saved leads to many other new rights and benefits that come with the salvation “package”.

As you can see, the promise of heaven is only one part of being saved. In some ways, we can start our experience of heaven here on earth, at least in part. Heaven is a kingdom. “Kingdom” means the rule and reign of a king. When the king is good and loving to His people, the word “Kingdom” also means the wonderful experiences and benefits that the King brings upon those who live under His reign. Jesus is the highest King of all. He brings His kingdom to earth in our lives and hearts when we are saved and afterward.

The brilliance of His kingdom that we experience later, will far exceed the glimpses in our earthly lives, but these glimpses are nonetheless breathtakingly beautiful to our souls here in this life. They are foretastes of a future that believers will experience in His kingdom someday. Believers are said to be “partakers of the good things of the age to come”. These glimpses might not come to us all the time, but even when they are infrequent, they are blessings nonetheless.

The apostle Peter stated something as one of the central reasons to believe in Jesus. He addressed the crowd after healing a lame man in Solomon’s porch of the Temple. He proclaimed the message of the good news of Jesus. Shouting so the crowd could hear, he said, “turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” In a sense these times of refreshing are God’s kingdom love, presence, and power appearing for us to experience.

My prayer is that you will receive and enjoy periods of refreshing from Jesus for years to come in this lifetime. I have found that refreshing comes more often and tangibly to my heart the more I spend time with God in prayer, praise, and worship. Refreshing also comes when I serve others and God. These activities deepen my love and trust for Him. The more we deeply express our love to Jesus, the more our emotions will follow suit. We will find ourselves loving Him more. The more we love Him, the more we will recognize the many blessings He puts into our lives.